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An international jury award presented by the general sponsor, Telekom Slovenije, d.d., to the best film of the Perspectives section
International jury: Iza Strehar, Agron Domi, Luis Fulvio Baglivi
3000 Numbered Pieces / Háromezer számozott darab (Ádám Császi)
Jury statement
The Kingfisher Award goes to a black comedy with a vibrant cinematic narrative and an original script that will challenge the viewers on their various prejudices.

Jury members: Petja Labović, Jelena Maksimović, Milan Šimánek
The Land of Mountains / Land der Berge (Olga Kosanović)
Jury statement
For making us really care with its simplicity and being there, with the zooms shaking us in our seats, and for the actors just nailing it. For being fun, cheesy, gruesome and actually well done.
Special Mention: Hideous (Yann Gonzales)

An award presented by the jury of the International Federation of Film Critics 
International jury: Michela Manente, Mihai Fulger, Živa Emeršič
Lola (Andrew Legge) 
Jury statement
The Fipresci jury prize goes to the movie Lola by director Andrew Legger for its ambitious, innovative and emotional debut feature that has impressed the viewer with its courageous and daring visual style, captivating narrative and inventive use of archival footage, while raising some profound ethical dilemmas. 

Jury members: Tjaša Hafner, Izak Kabir Khan, Anej Košorok, Lara Matos, Anais Vrtunski
The Sweet East (Sean Price Williams) 
Jury statement
Of the five films competing for the Kinotrip Young Jury Prize, the film we found most convincing was the odyssey of social extremes whose engrossing dynamic pace hurled us into the political chaos of the United States. In drawing attention to social disunity, fragmentation and the threat of ideologies, the film also transcends geographical boundaries. Replete with various references, the road movie with fantastical dimensions captivated us with its dreamy photography that generates absurdities, digresses, and questions the perspective of the viewer and, through it, the society. We were astounded by the uncompromising satire and irony abounding in caricatures of characters. The film relentlessly criticizes both everything and nothing – not even taking itself seriously. The Kinotrip Young Jury Prize goes to the adventurous, sharp, relentless, and magical The Sweet East by Sean Price Williams. 

Jury members: Kaja Čop, Gregor Janežič, Luka Vidic
Four Little Adults / Neljä pientä aikuista (Selma Vilhunen)
Jury statement
Skilfully interlacing drama and comedy, Four Little Adults shows what happens when a love triangle becomes a quadrangle.
It holds the audience enthralled with a broad cast of characters, comic twists and dramatic thrusts centring around the imminent disintegration of relationships, while skilfully leading towards a safe, somewhat idealistic ending. Challenging the stereotype of monogamy and embracing the guiding principle of true love, the film’s main assets are the brilliant lead actress, as well as the amazing cast, lighting, photography and music. All these elements build the atmosphere of the film, flowing seamlessly together into a coherent whole. A film that lingers in viewers’ minds long after the closing credits. 

The festival audience voted for their favourite film, which receives the Audience Award. Out of 26 competing films, the highest score, 4'93, was given to the film: 
Kiss the Future
Directed by Nenad Čičin-Šain