The Load (Teret), a feature debut by young director Ognjen Glavonić, screened at the Komuna Cinema last night. Previously, Glavonić’s made several short and documentary films. Actress Tamara Krcunovič joined us for a Q&A after the screening. She prepared for her supporting role as painstakingly as she would for the main role because this is the only way for her to fully identify herself with her character. The director and she first did a trial run before shooting the takes involving her character in two days. The filming was quite demanding because they were shooting twelve hours per day. The movie addresses very serious issues related to the war in Serbia and Kosovo, as well as the NATO forces in 1999. Therefore, the actress and moderator Toni Cahunek invited the viewers to attend the Q&A with the director after the screening on Friday, 16 November, at 17.15 in Kosovel Hall. The actress finds Glavonić’s film quite grave and hard to watch – because of the painful story –, but excellent. In this regard, she highlighted the need for refined reduction, the need to reject any redundant element. She considers The Load a subtle film, and all the more stronger for not having shown everything in the manner of a documentary representation. We can only agree with the actress, minimalism greatly enhances the movie’s artistic quality, and the viewers are informed about the content of the locked and hidden load. Such technique does not underestimate the viewers, although more context would be quite welcome. In this regard, the penultimate take is very well structured – recounting a moving story about a walnut tree that grew after the Battle of Sutjeska.

Nataša Šušteršič

Photo Iztok Dimc


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