On Sunday, 11 November, the first section of this year’s short film selection screened at the Kinodvor Cinema. The post-screening Q&A was conducted by Matevž Jerman and Peter Cerovšek, members of the Kraken Society for Short Film Promotion; while Jerman explained that like last year their selection criteria were distinctive film language and experimentation, Peter Cerovšek introduced the international jury consisting of Igor Bezinović, Tanja Hladnik and Milan Stojanović. Director, writer, cinematographer and composer of The Peacekeeper, Pierre Edouard Dumora, joined Jerman and Cerovšek for a Q&A after the screening of Tremors (Dawid Bodzak), Reruns (Rosto), Ant Killers (João Paulo Miranda María), Find Fix Finish (Mila Zhluktenko and Sylvain Cruiziat) and The Peacekeeper. Dumora got the idea for the movie when he found some toys that had been very dear to him in his childhood. He found them relevant because he realised that the toys and action figures tend to imitate weapons of mass destruction. According to Jerman, The Peacekeeper is a variegated blend of cinematic genres and tendencies (including epic fantasy and existentialism), and the Parisian filmmaker also revealed references to Kubrick’s Space Odyssey 2001.

Dumora paid a lot of attention to composing music, wanting it to emphasise the narrative flow and dynamic. He had collaborated with the sound editor on several prior occasions, and worked zealously on the project, among others reading deeply philosophical works. He started shooting even before having finished the script. He is currently working on a fiction film that is again tackling the issues of the military through an unrealistic plot. The Part II of the World in Short section is scheduled for 12 November at 21.00 at the Kinodvor Cinema (Q&A with Dušan Kastelic and Michaela Taschek), and Part III on Tuesday, 13 November, at 21.15 (Radej Jakub).

Andraž Jež


Photo Iztok Dimc



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